trail builders

This section provides information about the people responsible for building and maintaining the trails at Healey Nab.

Rowan Sorrell – Trail Designer

Rowan is an elite level mountain bike racer who has competed on the UCI world cup circuit for many years. He is a regular contributor to Dirt Magazine and managing director of Back On Track, a company specialising in the design and build of off-road cycle trails. Rowan has been responsible for planning and overseeing development of both the red and black routes at Healey Nab, working alongside Terra Firma and volunteers from the biking community. He continues to provide expert advice and remains in contact with the volunteers over new developments. Rowan says his perfect trail is one that is “fun, well designed and makes people want to ride their bikes” – just like Healey Nab!

Terra Firma – Trail Constructors

Info coming soon … !

James Hillman

Info coming soon … !

Bill Ould – role?

Bill is a veteran cyclist and chairman of the Blackburn and District Mountain Bikers (BAD). He has been instrumental in helping to establish and maintain numerous biking destinations across the region, including Healey Nab…[TBC]

Adam Read – role? (Tarty Bikes)

Adam is the owner of Tarty Bikes, a leading online trials bike shop. He specializes in “knowing crazy amounts of useful stuff about trials bikes” and can usually be found in his company’s workshop, building specialist wheels and bikes. Adam has been a key figure in the development of Healey Nab – from getting his hands dirty as a trail-building volunteer, to quite literally putting his money where his mouth is and kindly sponsoring aspects of the trails development. He continues to play a central role at The Nab and can often be found tearing down the trails on various customised bikes, wearing an ear-to-ear grin.

Ian Hart – West Pennine Moors Countryside Officer (Lancashire County Council)

Ian was born and raised in the West Pennine Moors and has a wealth of knowledge about the people and places that make up this special landscape. He continues to be a driving force behind the development of Healey Nab and plays a central role in managing the various groups involved – from coordinating the work of professional contractors and volunteers, to consulting with local residents and other users of the Nab to ensure their needs are met…[TBC]