trail descriptions

This section contains detailed information about the mountain bike trails at Healey Nab.

The Trailhead

The Red trail and Black trail have a common start, which can be found next to the noticeboard at the trailhead. If you’re unfamiliar with the trails, then we recommend you ride the Red route first – all riders like the Red route anyway, which takes you on a tour of the Nab and gives you a chance to check out the Black route before deciding whether or not to ride it.

The Red Grade Trail

Through the first two sections is a swooping descent with rock steps, berms and crossings, requiring the occasional pedal turn to exploit the boundaries of the plantation to the quarry embankment. This emerges beside the exit from the Black Trail. Whilst the downhillers push back up, the Red Route continues into its third section, a low undulating traverse with a wall crossing and some challenging twists associated with the biggest berms amongst the evergreen Western Hemlock, before gravity takes you to the lowest point of the trail.

A twisting and gradual climb through the plantation starts here. A short length of concessionary trail by the north east gate leads to section 4, an interesting climb, completed with a short section which has been kept “natural” with exposed roots (to develop your root-riding skills!) and re-joins the concessionary trail near the quarry.

Section 5 is a gentle and winding exploration of the plantation and leads the rider back to the trailhead. The 6th and final section of trail is the way to leave with a bit of flare. From the trailhead is a bermed and flamboyant descent to the south east gate to send you on your way down the concessionary track back towards Heapey Fold Lane. In all, the Red Grade trail is approximately 2 km in length and offers plenty of fun for competent riders!

The Black Grade Trail

The Black Trail initially separates to the right of the Red Trail through a rock gateway and crosses down a rock garden qualifier. The track follows a more direct route through the wood, making good use of gravity and elevation for a muted exploitation of speed, turns and jumps. The Black trail features a wall drop, berms and rock gardens, with log ride and skinny as alternative routings through the steepest section, with a big jump, a tabletop and a big berm to end the descent. A push-up route to the side of the trail permits the rider to view and possibly to photograph his mates’ technique as they add another grin to their experience. Each descent a couple of minutes of white-knuckle adrenaline!